25 Things for My 25th Year

Inspired by my awesome friend Gradon Tripp, cool kid and fellow Aquarian, who wrote a “34 Things for my 34th Year” post, I’ve decided to write one for my birthday as well.

I was born 25 years ago on February 5th in a hospital in Livingston, NJ and a few days later was taken home to a tiny apartment in Elizabeth, NJ. My parents were scraping together just enough money to sustain our little nuclear family — my mom, my dad, my older brother and me. To say we were poor would be an understatement, but thanks to our huge extended family it never felt that way. My mother was 24 when I was born and would be turning 25 on April 8th of that year, which means she was at the age I am now when she had me.  I’m not sure how she did this because I couldn’t fathom having a child to support right now, but boy am I glad she did.

By some miracle, I’ve reached a quarter century of being upon this earth. I’m supposed to be having a quarter life crisis about now, but unless you count the panic attack I had in the wet sauna at Spa Castle yesterday (lemme tell you…it’s hard to breathe in there and my body did not like that at all!) there is no cause for crisis in my life right now. So, in no particular order, here are the 25 things I’ve got to look forward to this year:

1. Calming the EFF down! Seriously, no 24/25 year old should have as much stress as I create for myself and it needs to stop.

2. Eating less.

3. Moving more.

4. Going skydiving.

5. Biking in NYC somewhere. The thought of biking as a form of commuting still scares the bejesus out of me, but I live in New York and I enjoy biking and I’d like to combine those two somehow even if it just means I rent a bike to ride through Prospect Park for a few hours.

6. Traveling more. London and South Africa are top on the list of places to visit.

7. Pampering myself more often.

8. Running a half marathon.

9. Finding someone to love and being loved by them in return. (Okay so this is kind of out of the realm of things I have control over, but the first step is putting it out there into the universe. Law of attraction and all that stuff…)

10. Writing/blogging/tumbling more.

11. Achieving the  monthly and yearly income goals I’ve set for myself.

12. Improving my Russian.

13. Being more patient with my grandmother (my mom’s mom). I’m hoping #12 will help me with that.

14. Spending more time with my other grandmother (my dad’s mom).

15. Spending more time taking in all of the amazing cultural institutions packed into this fine city of ours.

16. Buying myself a new phone and a new computer.

17. Continuing to tell my friends that I love them. I don’t think people say this to each other enough.

18. Ending this hermit/hibernation mode that I’ve been in and going out more so I can spend time with those friends I love so much.

19. Getting myself some health insurance and actually making use of it.

20. Coming to terms with my designation of “entrepreneur.”

21. Being more assertive and tooting my own horn more often because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me!

22. Flexing my (currently non-existent) photography skills more and seeing lots of beautiful sites worth photographing.

23. Doing some self-inflicted career development whether it’s taking a small business seminar or finally learning more about SEO or caving in and signing up for Quora.

24.  Not underestimating my abilities and giving myself credit for my achievements. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with #21.

25. Getting my first tattoo.



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2 responses to “25 Things for My 25th Year

  1. Yaaay, I’m so proud of you for writing this up. And for inspiring me to possibly make a list of my own. I’m a few months behind ya, but I love the idea.

  2. Great list! I find doing #10 helps with #1. 🙂 And #18? It’s the winter — you’re allowed to hibernate.

    Happy birthday again!

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