Damas Falafel House

Our refrigerator has been fairly empty the past few days in anticipation for the CSA on Saturday and Thanksgiving coming up. So this means I’ve been on the look out for take out. I had a 10% discount to Seamless Web so I checked it out to order dinner a couple nights ago. After spending a solid half hour trying to figure out where I wanted to order from and what I wanted to get I finally settled on a two meat (I got beef & lamb, chicken was the other option) sandwich from this place called Falafel House and I ordered a falafel sandwich for Emily. My experience with restaurants from Seamless has been very hit or miss. However, the sandwich was delicious, but I was also starving mind you. Emily got home a while later and thoroughly enjoyed her food.

I decided to order from there again to be sure and got the veggie combo this time, so I could partake in the fried falafel goodness. The platter comes with stuffed grape leaves, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, hummus, feta, bean salad, green salad and of course, falafel. I also ordered tzatiki to meet the minimum delivery requirement.  It totally hit the spot and I foresee it becoming a recurring favorite. This is great news for my taste buds and my stomach, but not so much for my hips and wallet. Such is life.


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