Why Running

***Please note this was my post from yesterday 11/16, but Emily just informed me that it didn’t publish so here you go. It totally still counts TUVM!***

Remember that book about running I talked about the other day? The one that made my heart flutter? Well I’ve been devouring it as fast as I can and I came upon a really great passage that explains why I’m so excited about running.

“It is something that is unique to running. You see it somewhat in other individual sports, but particularly in running because it is so¬†measurable,” says Diane Palmason, who holds age-group records in distances ranging from 200 meters to 50 miles for women over the age of 60. “When you accomplish something in running, it is so obvious that it is you and you alone who accomplished it. In other areas of our life, there is rarely an obvious measure. In running, when you achieve a quantifiable goal, you have every right to feel good about yourself.”

I am always the last person to give myself credit for anything I do in my life. I am convinced that projects I work on succeed despite my contribution, not because of it and when something doesn’t work I take all the blame upon myself. With running, when I succeed (failure is not an option) the success is entirely my own and there’s no way I can pawn it off as someone else’s accomplishment. I hope this is a step toward me taking the credit I deserve in other areas of my life as well.


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