So Sunday after a wonderful dinner with my friend Anna and my roomie Emily we walked by Shoe Mania, which I pass by often and always successfully avoid. Anna wanted to go in and since I hadn’t actually been inside the store in a while I thought why not.

So the three of us are walking around the store and I see this pair of awesome platform boots that were to die for. I take them off the shelf, admire them, promptly put them back on the shelf and keep it moving. We later saw a similar looking pair, but Anna and Emily confirmed that they didn’t quite have the same oomph of the first ones. We kept walking around the store until we got to the “decent looking, but really just made to be comfortable” section. Some unknown force pulls me back to the “gorgeous looking, but really meant to be torture devices for your feet” section and then makes me take the boots back off the shelf and place them into the hands of the sales associate who kindly brought them up from the back room in a size 7 please.

The second these shoes got on my feet I knew I couldn’t not buy them. They were perfect. I left them with the sales associate to go find Anna & Emily to confirm that I wasn’t delusional and that these shoes and I were indeed destined to be together. I rounded the first floor of the store and couldn’t find them so instead I went to search for the second pair of shoes to complete the Shoe Mania “Blowout Sale” buy one get one 1/2 off deal, which really isn’t that much of a deal IMO.

When I finally found Anna & Emily again and wrangled the shoes back from the sales associate, I tried them on again for the girls to witness. They confirmed my suspicions.

In the end I purchased these gorgeous boots and these black pumps to accompany them.

I wore them to the Community Managers Meetup yesterday, which thankfully involved a lot of sitting. I only tripped in them once and didn’t do any permanent damage to my body when it collapsed on the concrete sidewalk. I consider this a victory. I think once I get some cushioning insoles in these they’ll be perfect. The things we do in the name of fashion…


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  1. JB

    They both look awesome.

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