Miracle Elixir

I am super duper sick today. To the point that Patrice has to keep telling me “it gets better.” I barely remembered to post this had it not been for Emily asking me how NaBloPoMo is going. So in today’s post I will share with you the miracle elixir that cures illness better than any cold medicine.

Basically brew some really strong black tea, add honey and lemon and a generous splash of vodka. Some people do it with whiskey, but I more often than not have vodka in the freezer. I am now taking myself to bed SUPER early to hopefully emerge tomorrow feeling like a new woman.




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4 responses to “Miracle Elixir

  1. JB

    I’ve always felt the traditional recipe calls for Irish whiskey, usually Jameson’s, but as I keep more robust single malts in the house, and I don’t really think it calls for bourbon, I typically use a strong rum like Sailor Jerry’s for this occasion. A nice strong dose in that tea works most every time.

  2. JB

    I will say that if you do go for bourbon, get something really knock-your-socks-off, like Booker’s – 120+ proof bourbon at it’s finest. Might have to get you a bottle for your birthday in case of these emergency situations.

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