I <3 NY!

I can’t imagine ever living anywhere that doesn’t offer me the same amazing amenities as NYC. I get to wake up on a Saturday morning and run past gorgeous brownstones on sidewalks that were made for people to navigate (not like those half ass sidewalks you have next to highways in suburbia that people rarely ever use). I get to run past people out in the neighborhood with their kids and dogs (granted I usually am cursing them out for being in my way as I try to maneuver around them while I’m running). I finally arrive at Habana Outpost to pick up my winter CSA. We had one during the summer, but that was the realm of my roommate who always picked it up and I really felt like it was her share that I just got to enjoy some of. Now it’s MINE! I pull out the reusable bags from my backpack and pick up the most beautiful array of veggies, chickens, cheese and eggs straight from the farm! This is what we got this week:

1 dozen eggs (with a note saying: laid especially for you by Eileen, Eliza, Mary & Jeanie. I actually know the names of the chickens that laid my eggs. HOW COOL IS THAT?!); 1 4 lbs chicken; 1 bunch of turnips, 1 bunch of kale, 1 head of lettuce, 8 oz of Feta, 8 oz of Caerphily, 28 0z of crushed plum tomatoes, 12 oz of cauliflower, 12 oz of red peppers, 12 oz of Haricot Vert and the stuff I forgot to add in the picture (and probably couldn’t have fit on the table anyway) 3 lbs of sweet potatoes, lotsa (yeah that ‘s an exact measurement) of carrots, 1 rutabaga and 1 acorn squash. I already have BIG plans for all of this deliciousness. After the CSA pickup and a much needed shower and stretching session I headed over to the Fort Greene Green Market for more fresh food, Target for my big box store fix and the local supermarket for some last minute items. I’m hoping not to go food shopping again for a while!

New York, I love you!


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