Snacking tip!

So I have this friend named Ania. She studied nutrition in undergrad and she’s currently working on becoming an RD (registered dietitian). We had a girls’ pow-wow weekend at my apartment a few months ago and she complimented my roommate and I on our stock of healthy food. We even have some grains she’s never heard of. (Please ignore the entire top shelf of baking related ingredients.) We were discussing my eating habits and I told her about my favorite mid-morning snack. I have a granny smith apple, half of it with peanut butter and half of it with cheddar cheese and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Then Ania told me something that was a total revelation to me, but now makes perfect sense. I was actually eating TWO snacks NOT one. I can eat the whole apple, but I either get one serving of peanut butter (two tablespoons and btw Smuckers Natural is delicious and the ingredients are just peanuts and salt) or one serving of cheese. Ania insists that I eat the whole apple, but if I end up with one of those softball size apples I’ll only eat half at a time.

So you should try the apple/peanut butter or apple/cheese combo snack. It’s freaking delicious. I sometimes stop eating it for months at a time thinking “oh god that’s so healthy sounding it can’t possibly be any good” and then I have it again and wonder why I ever stopped. Happy Friday ya’ll!


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