Good End to a Bad Day

Today was kind of a crappy day. I blame in on the rain (Milli Vanilli told me to). Luckily today ended with making a delicious (and somewhat late) dinner with my roommate. It’s really the process of preparing dinner that calms me down and gives me pleasure more so than even the enjoyment of eating it. We made one of my specialty comfort dishes…Bi Bim Bap. I even have a stone bowl.



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3 responses to “Good End to a Bad Day

  1. Please share the recipe if you get a chance.

    • That’s so hard!!! I don’t really cook with recipes EVER! Except for when I make something the first couple of times then I generally look up the wikipedia article and a couple different recipes and try to make some conglomeration of them. Here’s my best explanation for bibimbap. Cook up a cup of rice, preferably sushi rice if you have it. Marinate meat (ground, whole, beef, pork, chicken, turkey even tofu) with some sesame oil, soy sauce, five spice, uhhh rice wine vinegar, garlic, ginger, and scallions also add a nice touch, but it’s whatever you want to add. Fry up (I think saute is probably a better term) a bunch of veggies with sesame oil. I usually do carrots and cucumbers, which I toss up with a bunch of salt and let it drain in a colander before I cook it, onions and some sort of leafy green. This time I just used whatever we had in the apartment which was carrots, daikon, bok choy, peppers and red onions. So basically you get a bowl twice the size of the amount of food you’re going to eat- add rice, add the veggies, add the meat, add hot sauce (if you want it spicy, you can also add soy sauce I guess), add kimchi if you want or cut up some seaweed and mix it all together. Sometimes I even throw an egg in to add some extra protein. That’s the recipe pretty much. Make rice, marinate and cook meat, cook whatever veggies you want and mix it all together with the condiments of your choice.

  2. JB

    Mr. Sushi makes some good Bi Bim Bap, but I think you may give them a run for their money…

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