Week Three Music Mix

As I mentioned before, I’m doing the couch to 5K running program. Earlier this week when I was putting together my running mix for the week (I’ve made it to week three BTW), I asked my friends on Facebook for their suggestions. I got a few suggestions and then later in the thread someone asked me if I liked C25K. My honest answer was that I didn’t exactly enjoy it, but I didn’t hate it. The music I listen to does help me stay motivated though. I am extremely picky about creating just the right mix of songs to match the pace of my run and coincide with the running and walking portions of the workout. I have a tendency to spend hours tweaking the mix in Audacity – cutting portions of songs that don’t match the tempo and moving them back and forth to make sure the power songs play during the running portions. The biggest time commitment for me might actually be putting the music mix together rather than the actual running.

This week’s music mix worked out amazingly! I had just the right songs to power me through the three minute runs I had to do. I’m actually afraid I will never be able to recreate the glory of my week three mix.

Here it is folks:

Passion Pit – Little Secrets

La Roux – Bulletproof

Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

Lady Gaga – Monster

Cee Lo – Fuck You

Kelis – Acapella



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4 responses to “Week Three Music Mix

  1. For some reason Usher featuring Nicki Minaj “Little Freak” song is a power walk song. The lyrics make me giggle, but it gets my ass moving.

    Will need to look into Passion Pit.

    • One of my old interns introduced me to Passion Pit and they’re awesome! I kind of hate Nicki Minaj just based on principle, but I’ll check out the song. And thank you SOOOO much for reading my ramblings everyday and replying. It really means a lot!

  2. JB

    I know our musical tastes are miles apart, but when I do any kind of exercise (especially something like the stationary bike where you can get a real rhythm going) a really good soundtrack can be nice. Pick something fun and kinda goofy, like maybe the soundtrack to Dodgeball or a fun sports movie. 80’s movies also have some great soundtracks…

    • You do exercise?! *confused face* I’m kidding! I’m just kidding! I’m not a big fan of goofy music, but the ’80s did have some gems. Thanks for the suggestion.

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