Happy NaBloPoMo!

Apparently November is trying to steal January’s thunder. January is the month of new beginnings and setting goals for the new year ahead. January might be “National Try to Lose the Weight You Gained During the Holidays In Addition to Being a Fat Ass to Begin With Month,” but November is now:
National Novel Writing Month (that explains the Twilight series),
National Sweater Knitting Month
No-Excuses November (that links to my awesome friend Jocelyn’s awesome blog)
National Blog Posting Month

Did I miss anything? Of all those overwhelming options I’m going to tackle one, which is “National Blog Posting Month.” This means I am committing to writing one blog post everyday for the 30 days of November (couldn’t we reschedule to February?!). I will have to see if this means writing a post for the same blog or if I can spread the love (read: cop out to include my company blog and my personal tumblr too). Today begins the journey to get me back into writing on a regular basis and not just for work. I was always taught that a great writer reads a lot (check!) and also writes a lot (well…er…about that…) so I’m going to attempt to tackle that last part.

This month also brings a few self-created challenges.

Challenge #1: I co-founded womENT in April 2009 and we attempted to put together some roundtable discussions to be held in New York, but the venue fell through and the events never happened. Then I got a job with a hectic social media agency, left the hectic social media agency, started freelancing and started an agency of my own (well with a business partner). In the midst of all that craziness, I had the idea of launching the womENT discussions as Twitter chats rather than in-person events. Just now am I getting around to making that idea a reality. I found a co-host in my good friend and fellow entrepreneur Stephanie Lichtenstein and we made the announcement today. The weekly chats will start on Monday November 15, which gives me two weeks to promote the hell out of it.

Challenge #2: Last February I started the couch to 5k program along with a group of friends. The goal was to finish the program in time for a 5k run at the Bronx Zoo that we had signed up for. So I started the nine-week program and was doing great, until about week 2. My knee started to hurt, but before I even had time to go see a doctor, I was in a Prius driving from NYC to Austin, TX with two friends for SXSW Interactive. When I got back home after the road trip the rabid search for an apartment began. Of course once you find an apartment, you have to move into said apartment which turned into a multi-week ordeal. Once my knee calmed down and I settled into the apartment, I tried to pick up where I had left off in terms of running. I had no idea that the move from Bensonhurst to Bed-Stuy meant that I would be heckled every time I turned the corner during my run. I felt so uncomfortable I just gave up running altogether. I even missed the 5k I had signed up for.

It wasn’t until the YMCA, which is all of three blocks from my apartment, was running their Fall special that I decided to give running another shot. I’ve resolved to stick with it this time. Running at the Y on a treadmill is a bit easier than running on the hard concrete and I don’t have to worry about hecklers. I even got fitted for new running sneakers, which should help the knee issue. Tomorrow kicks off week 3 and I’m determined to see this through to week 9 and beyond. I’ve signed up for the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park on New Year’s Eve and I will show up this time.

So instead of setting goals for November, I’m going to tell you how this month is going to unfold…

I will promote the hell out of the #womENT chats with the help of Damien and Stephanie. I will recruit lots of amazing women entrepreneurs to participate and we will have enlightening discussions.

I will write a blog post every single day throughout the month of November (even if that means the day’s blog post actually goes out at 3 am the next morning).

I will get through weeks three through six of C25K and begin week seven before the month is through.

I will for once stick with my goals and feel a sense of accomplishment instead of the disappointment that has become such a familiar feeling.

Happy NaBloPoMo!



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2 responses to “Happy NaBloPoMo!

  1. So excited to see what you will have to say.

    Looking forward to learning more about #womENT.

    Wishing you luck on your training. Run Biana, run!

  2. JB

    Keep ’em coming. The best thing you can do to improve your ability to write well is to keep writing – simple as that.

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